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School Assemblies: Lighten-Up!


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Today there are over 9 million children in America that are overweight. This is a number that has tripled in the last twenty years.

My Plate

Lighten Up! addresses the problem of childhood obesity. It is a highly interactive, 50-minute musical show designed to help children, in grades K-6, learn the value of exercise and good nutrition. The show deals with the serious problems of excess weight and obesity in an entertaining and totally non-threatening way. Children are encouraged to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed to make health-enhancing choices. In every musical number, the kids participate, by answering questions, volunteering, and moving along with Slim.


What are the program objectives?

Lighten Up! is designed to help students:

  • Understand the benefits of good nutrition
  • How to make better food choices
  • Understand the body's need for physical activity
  • Become smarter consumers
  • Attain competencies related to national education standards
Stop Obesity

Students Learn About:

  • The USDA's food guide, ChooseMyPlate
  • Nutrition and how different kinds of foods affect the body
  • Junk food and why too much sugar and fat is harmful to health
  • How advertisers influence our food choices
  • The proper balance of calories in to calories out
  • Portion size and how it affects issues of obesity
  • Decision making and goal setting
Slim Goodbody

Presentation of Information:

Lighten Up! engages student's attention through the use of:

  • Original Music
  • Loads of audience participation
  • 3d movie projections
  • Astounding and diverse visuals
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