Meet Slim Goodbody

Slim Goodbody, health hero, has championed children’s well being for over 40 years. On TV, stage and in books, Slim inspires children to learn about and care for their wonderful bodies.

Bodyology National Tour

Bodyology is an action packed musical that teaches children the fundamentals of anatomy, nutrition, fitness and personal hygiene. It uses music, 3D animation and loads of audience participation to capture student attention. It is designed to promote self-respect and motivate children to be the best they can be.

The Press Speaks

San Francisco Chronicle

“You may not know this, but a Slim Goodbody phenomenon exists right under our very noses, affecting millions of kids…”

Chicago Tribune

“Health educators have raved about Burstein’s contribution.”

The Washington post

“Slim Goodbody’s greatest power is that of persuasion.”

USA Today

“He’s kept a very consistent message on healthy living and lifestyle and providing a good role model as well. And he’s making it fun and I think that’s the important thing,” said Becky Smith, executive director of the American Association for Health Education in Reston, Va.



“Slim Goodbody’s gift for communication and his love of children will send kids off on a natural high.”


“John Burstein (a.k.a. Slim Goodbody) really puts his heart – and his lungs, stomach and liver – into his work. In a body stocking painted with designs of the his internal organs, [Burstein] has already invited millions of youngsters to “take a look inside and see… what goes on inside of me.”

TV Guide

“As heroes go, Slim Goodbody is just about perfect.”

The Boston Blobe

“Slim Goodbody has an obvious rapport with his audience, performing for millions of enthralled children each year.”

Family Magazine

“A pioneer in the field of health and body education, Slim Goodbody has been teaching kids about everything from their vertebrae to their ventricles.”

Contact Information

Slim Goodbody




Slim Goodbody Productions
PO Box 242
Lincolnville Center, ME 04850

"Amazing !"

Bodylogy teaches children how the body works using songs, skits, 3-D visuals, and lots of audience participation.

Learning Objectives

By the end of our program, students will learn:
  • how the brain and nervous system work
  • how the heart and circulatory system function
  • how the digestive system processes food
  • how bones and muscles function as a team
  • why hygiene is important in disease prevention
  • why smoking is so harmful to health
  • how the MyPlate program helps guide food choices
  • why exercise is essential for a healthy life
  • how to avoid risky behavior

Knowing and Doing

Knowledge is important. However, when it comes to health education, knowledge without action is almost useless. There is a gap between knowing and doing. Our program is designed to bridge this gap.

Learn to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Learning Objectives

  • how different kinds of foods affect the body
  • why too much sugar and fat in a diet is harmful to health
  • what it really means when people say “Eat a well-balanced diet”
  • how television advertising and packaging influence food choices
  • how to become a smarter consumer
  • why balancing calories in (eating) and calories out (exercise) is the key to a healthy weight
  • how to make better choices, even at fast-food restaurants
  • why portion size is so important
  • how to increase physical activity