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Slim Goodbody Productions
PO Box 242
Lincolnville Center, ME 04850

"Amazing !"

Bodylogy teaches children how the body works using songs, skits, 3-D visuals, and lots of audience participation.

Learning Objectives

By the end of our program, students will learn:
  • how the brain and nervous system work
  • how the heart and circulatory system function
  • how the digestive system processes food
  • how bones and muscles function as a team
  • why hygiene is important in disease prevention
  • why smoking is so harmful to health
  • how the MyPlate program helps guide food choices
  • why exercise is essential for a healthy life
  • how to avoid risky behavior

Knowing and Doing

Knowledge is important. However, when it comes to health education, knowledge without action is almost useless. There is a gap between knowing and doing. Our program is designed to bridge this gap.

Learn to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Learning Objectives

  • how different kinds of foods affect the body
  • why too much sugar and fat in a diet is harmful to health
  • what it really means when people say “Eat a well-balanced diet”
  • how television advertising and packaging influence food choices
  • how to become a smarter consumer
  • why balancing calories in (eating) and calories out (exercise) is the key to a healthy weight
  • how to make better choices, even at fast-food restaurants
  • why portion size is so important
  • how to increase physical activity